Kids with Talent S.A. aims to showcase the musical talents of South African children, and to give every child the chance to feel like a star.  We provide children the opportunity to perform in a professional and positive environment.

The competition are is open to kids turning 6-18 this calendar year.  If you are turning 19 this year, you would be too old to participate.  Kids may perform using any musical instrument, including vocals, in any musical style/genre.  There is also a duet category, where any combination of instruments/vocals may pair up to participate.  With each entry for the competition, each child needs to prepare two performances (two different songs).  The time limit on each performance is 100 seconds.

As soon as the performer starts singing, talking, or playing their instrument, the timer starts running. 

We host events on Fridays and Saturdays at private schools’ auditoriums, across Gauteng.  If you reside further than 50 km from one of our event locations, you may enter via a video clip.