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American Muslim Guys Balance Faith And Appreciation In ‘Salaam’

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American Muslim Guys Balance Faith And Appreciation In ‘Salaam’

American Muslim Men concerning Appreciation, Sex, and Intimacy

by Ayesha Mattu and Nura Maznavi

Paperback, 238 pages |

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Precisely what carry out Muslim males desire? That is the theme of a brand new book of essays called Salaam, admiration. It’s the companion levels to 1 that arrived this past year also known as really love, InshAllah, which dedicated to the resides of United states Muslim lady.

Haroon Moghul is amongst the essayists whose tasks are accumulated in Salaam, appreciation; he composed about his knowledge growing right up as an Indian Muslim child in Massachusetts, observed through the lens of their highschool prom. Moghul tells NPR’s Rachel Martin that “I think I hit a time in which i am comfortable writing about specific factors in my own lifetime, providing 10 years . 5 has passed.”

Interview Highlights

On not matchmaking, and wedding

I do not even know if [my parents] actually clearly said that at some point i’d be permitted to have hitched. I do believe it had been type of thought that after I did med class, and a residency, and a fellowship, then for some reason I would see hitched. To whom, and how, and what I would think of that — no clue, except most likely of the chronilogical age of 35. Which, to note, i will be still maybe not at.

On not-being permitted to go to sex ed lessons

Do not mention those activities! This is why, we’ve got certain finest increases rate around — absolutely some type of, you know, paradoxical partnership here. It absolutely was not mentioned. The only method i then found out ended up being that I found myself advised I had to attend the library eventually, and that I was actually type of like, why?

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