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Dealing with the ‘sugary foods Daddy’ label: get older and economical Asymmetries and dangerous Sexual conduct in downtown Kenya

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Dealing with the ‘sugary foods Daddy’ label: get older and economical Asymmetries and dangerous Sexual conduct in downtown Kenya


“sugars daddy” commitments, which have been described as large get older and economic asymmetries between partners, are thought staying significant aspect in the scatter of HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa. Details are needed about sweets dad partnerships—and about years and economical asymmetries even more generally—to figure out how popular simply and whether they become pertaining to hazardous sexual attitude.


The trial made up 1,052 people aged 21–45 who were questioned in Kisumu, Kenya, in 2001. Records on these as well as their 1,614 recently available nonmarital collaborations happened to be evaluated to estimate the incidence of sugars daddies and sweets father relations, and even various generation and monetary disparities within nonmarital relationships. Logistic regression styles comprise constructed to assess interactions between condom utilize eventually sexual activities as well as other methods of age and economical asymmetry.


The mean period difference in nonmarital sexual associates would be 5.5 a long time, and 47percent of men’s female associates had been adolescents. Fourteen % of relationships present an age distinction of at least several years, and 23per cent involved a lot more than the hostile volume of male-to-female information service. People who stated one partnership with both these feature are understood to be glucose daddies and made awake 5% on the trial; sugars father interactions accounted for 4percent of partnerships. Sugar dad relationships and the most extensive era and economic asymmetries we designed happened to be of decreased odds of condom need.


Although sweets daddy connections may not be just as pervasive as generally speaking believed, period and economic asymmetries in nonmarital relationships are fairly usual. These kinds of asymmetries tends to be associated with nonuse of condoms. Creating women’s electrical power within asymmetric sexual affairs could boost their capacity to consult safer sex-related behaviour, such condom usage.

Overseas Relatives Designing Point Of Views, 2005, 31(1):6–14

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So much anecdotal facts indicates that “glucose daddies” are typical in Sub-Saharan Africa and they are to be able to fuel the spread out of HIV. The stereotypical sugary foods daddy was a grownup males whom switches large amounts of clinking coins or merchandise for erotic mementos from an extremely younger female. Glucose daddy interactions is associated with both young age and financial asymmetries, which you’ll find are thought to minimize women’s capacity to bargain reliable sex-related behavior.

The alert over sugars daddies is appeared not just in the African popular discussion inside by specialists and healthcare employees. Analysts care that glucose daddies are looking for teen mate with increasing frequency from inside the notion that these ladies are unlikely as afflicted with HIV. 1 medical communities has considered these people specially difficult and also have committed programmatic tools to strategies that advise young women to “beware of sugars daddies.” 2 Through The age of HIV/AIDS, sweets dad relationships have now been constructed as a major fitness focus, regularly branded “the sweets daddy complex,” “the sugars dad pitfall” or “the glucose dad phenomenon,” during young women, typically teens, carry the majority of the hazard. 3

The insight that sugars daddies are numerous appears acceptable inside African contexts, because cultural norms usually allow (as well as encourage) people to take part in intercourse outside of relationships and with more youthful partners. 4 plus, socioeconomic facts enable guys to monopolize resources of profits and provide more mature guys most friendly and monetary strength than teenagers. 5 the fact that sweets daddies practice dangerous sex-related actions are dependent on raising verification that HIV issues rates are generally larger among teenage women than amongst their mens counterparts. Like, data in Kisumu, Kenya (the internet site of your study), found out that 27percent of women aged 15–19 are contaminated with HIV, compared to 5per cent of men in this age-group. 6 generation disparities in sexual affairs were supplied as a likely answer due to this differences, because rate of HIV infections are usually high among porno guy than among male teenagers. 7 Although big generation and financial asymmetries between erotic mate exist throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, the two boost the the majority of alarm any time combined in sugars daddy interaction.

Despite these seemingly sensible presumptions about sugary foods daddies, there’s absolutely no experimental proof that they are common or that they are likely to embark on hazardous intimate manners. Tend to be sugary foods daddies less inclined to incorporate condoms than many other people? Can they apply risky habits in total their own relations, most notably those without young age and financial asymmetries? In addition, little may be known regarding the hyperlink between unprotected sex and so the separate elements of glucose dad connections: years and monetary asymmetries. 8 All of our learn utilizes facts on male nonmarital erotic activities in Kisumu to look into many common presumptions encompassing glucose daddies as well as their erotic commitments. The frequency of HIV reached 26percent in Kisumu in 1997, 9 which suggests that harmful erectile behavior is prevalent; as a result, this town supplies an interesting framework where you can review years and economical asymmetries between nonmarital mate.

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